My Christmas highlight thus far was yesterday when my fav version of Go Tell It On the Mountain blasted through our speakers, and we just couldn’t help ourselves! Suddenly Eliot and Curie were leading a dance train, Sullivan and Magellan partnered up twirling about the room together, while Newton and Wesley rocked some uniquely ‘inspired’ creative dance moves! I happily jumped from one dance group to another, as they all bubbled over with smiles and laughter.

There is nothing that does my soul more good than some rockus dancing – and the very best kind is a whole-family dance. Which really only flows when it’s organic, not manipulated or contrived. Our children never seem enticed to dance by our words or prodding – but by actually watching us twirl around the floor and shake it!

I am continually amazed at the life-giving properties of these three simple, free things:




May we all embrace more of that in our homes and families this season.

A few pictures to inspire you. ♥






















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  1. Erin C. Davis says:

    LOVE it!! NO material gift can compare to this 😉 I’m still hoping for a santa fe SUV though!

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