Us and Them

Sunday my littlest pumpkin turned 6; and he had his first all-class party! It was really a drop-off type event at a gym, so all the parents came and went – except for me, John (my ex-husband), his new wife, and Lizzy (Papa’s ex-wife).



And no. Surprisingly. Two years ago I could probably not have imagined a couple hours together with this group of people, spent so pleasantly  discussing things like the impending birth of my ex-husbands new … Read more »

Grace Received

A fog set in and blanketed my usually clear thoughts. I stared in the mirror, glowing; the beautiful chestnut dress hanging perfectly on my not-so-perfect body. The organic cotton felt soft and comfortable against my skin. And the price tag becoming less and less relevant.

I glanced over at the pile of other beautiful clothes heaped on the dressing room chair, the ones that also fit. That were beautiful, that made me *feel* beautiful. That suddenly, I seemed to needRead more »