A year in Plan A+

They watched as Plan A fell away,

and God replaced it with…Plan A.

Our pastor spoke these words over us a year ago today as he joined our lives and families together.
Our friends love to call it Plan A+.

God’s supernatural aptitude to work everything for good still blows my mind. And it is supernatural for sure – heads above any piecemeal makeover plan we could scrap together ourselves. I had asked Him many times in those dark years … Read more »

Farther Along

I am farther along on this journey than I ever expected to be – in healing, in grace, in the entire rebuild. And yet, there are still triggers. Feelings still surface from time to time – ones I so wish were far far behind me. This week there have been many changes and developments, touching quite a few of those triggers. And then last night, Eliot brought home this drawing for me from school. It is a picture of him, … Read more »


I sipped my margarita and watched his lips moving as he continued whispering to her. I still could hear nothing over the blaring music. But even louder than the music were the sudden alarm bells blaring in my soul.

Even at this bar, in the middle of our friend’s big birthday celebration, Papa was doing what comes oh-so-naturally to him: he was pastoring. He was caring, and helping, and encouraging. The band was so loud that he was forced to … Read more »

The Highlight Reel

I poked at my chicken pad kai mao with my fork and looked up at our new friends across the table. They had only just met John for the first time, and were asking questions about our custody agreements. It is so lovely to be making new friends together who only know Papa and I now as we are, together: and don’t know the whole long years of mess behind us.

But I am realizing that when I first begin … Read more »

Us and Them

Sunday my littlest pumpkin turned 6; and he had his first all-class party! It was really a drop-off type event at a gym, so all the parents came and went – except for me, John (my ex-husband), his new wife, and Lizzy (Papa’s ex-wife).



And no. Surprisingly. Two years ago I could probably not have imagined a couple hours together with this group of people, spent so pleasantly  discussing things like the impending birth of my ex-husbands new … Read more »

Grace Received

A fog set in and blanketed my usually clear thoughts. I stared in the mirror, glowing; the beautiful chestnut dress hanging perfectly on my not-so-perfect body. The organic cotton felt soft and comfortable against my skin. And the price tag becoming less and less relevant.

I glanced over at the pile of other beautiful clothes heaped on the dressing room chair, the ones that also fit. That were beautiful, that made me *feel* beautiful. That suddenly, I seemed to needRead more »