You are about to meet the most amazing Person ever. He will come into your life and be your friend and talk to you and heal you and never, ever leave you.

I came so that they can have real and eternal life,
more and better life than they ever dreamed of.

These are His words. These words are for you.

He has been waiting all your life for this very moment.

And He has already gone before you, made it so simple.

The gospel of Jesus is truly good news. We all have fallen short, every one of us. We can not meet a holy standard on our own. And so God met us.

In flesh. A baby in a manger. A minister with tired dirty feet. Until finally, a perfect Savior dying a horrible death on a cross. Taking on all the wrongs of the world. Standing in our place, taking all the judgment due to us. Then raised to life again 3 days later, in freedom, with all power, laying hope for all the world. Eternal hope, and hope for a new abundant life right now.

He is with you now. Welcome Him into your heart as Lord of your life.

Jesus, I have sinned { fallen short of being perfect }. 

I need you. I need what you have already paid for with your very life.

Come into my heart, and make me clean.


And now, there is a party in heaven!!! Angels rejoicing along with God.

The Holy Spirit is living inside you!!! Moving, breathing, speaking.

You have a new helper, a trustworthy friend who loves you more than you can imagine, who will never leave or betray you.

Please, if you’ve prayed this prayer today, email me, so I can rejoice with you and talk more with you about all the abundant life that is now yours!