God himself is the spirit of hope, and hope-with-skin-on. If He is not yet part of your life, don’t wait any longer to meet this amazing friend, healer, life-giver. It is simple and beautiful and the most important thing you will ever do. He himself has breathed life and hope into me when absolutely all was lost. He is real and alive and still speaking and always doing a thousand times more behind the scenes than we can see with our eyes. But don’t take my word for it, you simply must meet Him for yourself.

There are many ways God can illuminate even the darkest path with hope. Some of the most important ways on my journey have been through amazing counseling, steadfast friends, the living Word, listening/prophetic prayer, a life-giving church, and a huge variety of books and teaching. Any investment you make in those things (a wise counselor, real friends, a good church) will be well worth your time, money, etc.

I love to read. I love teaching and I love stories. And I think because of that, God loves to share books with me that He loves too. On my journey, I have often felt Him lead me to very specific books or music or teachings at specific times and for seasons. Although there have been many, these are a select few that have blessed and transformed me most significantly.


Grace & Forgiveness by John and Carol Arnott
A short, powerful read that really ushered me into freedom and a true understanding of the importance of grace.

The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness by Jason Vallotton
Grace journey and teaching by an amazing pastor who went through almost identical betrayal and infidelity by his wife. More stories and basic healing journey.

Choosing Forgiveness by John and Paula Sandford
A deeper journey into forgiveness, along with discussion pages specially formatted for small groups.

Forgiveness 3-pt Message Series by Rob Bell
THEIR DESCRIPTION: Jesus insisted that unless we forgive others, God won’t forgive us. Is that extreme, or could we be misinterpreting him? Doesn’t that make it sound like the love of God is based on something we do—and if so, how is that grace? Or is there something else going on here, something deep and profound and crucial to our grasping how love works? Something that, if grasped, would change our understanding of not just what it looks like to forgive, but also to be forgiven? 


Surviving an Affair by Willard Harley, Jr.

Marriage Builders website – infidelity basic articles and excellent, well-moderated forum

After the Affair by J. Spring



Growing Through Divorce by Jim Smoke


Single Parenting

My Single Mom Life by Angela Thomas

When He Leaves by Kari West and Noelle Quinn


Hearing God

Surprised by the Voice of God by Jack Deere




Hinds Feet in High Places by Hannah Hurnard

Strengthen Yourself in the Lord by Bill Johnson

Disappointment With God by Philip Yancey