Great Again

I looked down, using all possible restraint to not bite back, to avoid defending myself, and simply repeated my previous response, “Please don’t text me anymore right now. Have a good time tonight with the boys.” Then I tossed my phone onto the countertop, face down, and walked away.

This small act of letting go, of non-response, would have felt impossible five years ago. I hate tension and naturally scramble to pacify aggression. I’m also sensitized to accusation, and my … Read more »

What’s in a Name

A lot, actually. When each baby was growing in my belly, we thought quite a bit about what they were going to be called and those meanings. And so in the formation of our new family unit, we’ve thought a great deal about names as well.

The kids usually refer to each other all as brothers, but once in a while it’s necessary to differentiate. So we’ve fallen in love with the term bonus (as a substiution for step). … Read more »