We had great fun simply enjoying our family this weekend. In the middle of the recent events and all the holiday madness – we just closed out the rest of the world for a day and enjoyed each other. The highlight of the weekend was definitely gingerbread house fun. Many hours went into making these magnificent works of sugary art. And in the end – we had a whole gingerbread subdivision. Ikea provided the basic sheets of gingerbread, we found a great supply of candy garnish at Target, and our plentiful supply of Omega-3 Free Range eggs created the magnificent royal frosting – perfect glue, although many wasted Omega-3s (mental note: buy cheaper eggs next Christmas!)!

As I watched them plan and create each unique labor of love, I was really struck by how individual God’s attention to each of us and our lives is as well. They all took the same basic Ikea building blocks, were all given the same ingredients and decorations – and yet each came out with totally unique creations. Some had people, some had dogs; some had bushes or trees or wreathes. There was a lightpole, a walkway, snowmen, snowforts. And everywhere there was a crack or a broken piece, they simply used it to make their design even more interesting. Lovely, every personalized detail.

Such a good reminder on the heels of my last post. God always has more than enough good to go around – we never need to horde or steal, He never runs out of resources and blessings and dreams and ideas. And the elaborate good, the specific plans, He has for each of us is always heads above just trying to nab someone else’s good gifts, which were never tailored for us. Sometimes the best way to counter jealousy or the temptation to covet is to just jump headlong into your own actual life. Enjoy your own people, your own gifts and passions. This frosting, giggle-filled day filled my heart with more joy than working things out in my head ever could.

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