Curie  9 YEARS  { the FireStarter }

The third of Team Red, and the only girl in our big crazy family – words just can’t do her justice. She is exploding with life and creativity and joy. Yet oh-so-clever, always pushing the envelope a bit and trying new things. She somehow walks both sides of the fence perfectly; confident in her love of tea parties and pink tutus, while as tough as any of the boys in our nerfwars or tree climbing adventures. And she has enjoyed serving many tea parties to all of the boys, confident also in her ability to open them up to new worlds. She is courageous to the core, and yet in this delicate beautiful package. She loves to read, and even more – to talk! Again, holding her own in conversation even over 5 loud brothers. She is a true gem, being refined in a world full of little men.

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