Eliot  10 YEARS  { the FreeSpirit }

Third of Team Brown, Eliot is a lover. Of life, of people, of God. He is so easy to make smile or laugh, and is able to make others laugh with him. Quite simply put, he enjoys being alive. And somehow, around him – I feel I enjoy mine more as well. He loves to worship, and already has a deep connection to God and knows Him well. He is a very natural leader without being bossy or insecure. He brings the best out in others and is quick to find a solution that works for everyone. He loves his brothers, but seems to have a special bond with his sister. He asked to bring her to school for the morning on his birthday. Right away she wanted to play with the dollhouse, so he did. And when the other boys came over and asked why he was playing with dolls, he turned to them and simply said, ‘Because that is what my sister wants to do,’ and continued their play. Together they have some of the most amazing creative play I have ever seen, and have loved each other well right from the start.

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