Magellan  AGE 12   { the Explorer }

The middle child of Team Red, Magellan is always looking and discovering. One of the first things you might notice upon meeting him are his incredibly bright eyes. They are windows into a very sweet, curious, and true spirit. He has incredible integrity for such a small boy, and a deep love for people. He always values them over things, and is one of the first to try and heal a hurt. His eyes also reflect his curiosity – he is quick to find new paths and search behind old logs or in tall grasses. Not only does he love nature, but he seems to have a symbiotic flow with it as well. A big fly found its way into our home last week, making quite a nuisance of itself – and before I knew it, Magellan had reached up and caught it – graciously clasping its wings between his two fingers, and then carefully opened the door and released it back outside. He is a peacemaker and friend of all.

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