Papa   { the Pastor }

He is not a pastor by trade, but in heart and internal build and the day to day of his actual life. He listens, he encourages, he gives wise counsel. And most of all, He is a friend of God. Like noone else I’ve ever known. He hears Him well, they make each other laugh. And what God wants and thinks is central to every move he makes and the way he treats each one of us. Which is always with an amazingly unconditional love.

He was a college English major, and now manages a large store with many employees for an excellent company. He is good at his job, and he is good with the people. I think often that coming home to us must not feel that different from what he does all day long – as there are lots of people to manage here as well. But he seems to love it, and always walks through the door smiling.

He grew up in the mountains of California, which is quite different from the urban streets of Chicago where we now live. There is a deep part of him that lies dormant here. I see it when we visit somewhere lush and green with space, and that part wakes up and comes alive again. I see it when he gets to be outdoors, and when adventure meets him. He loves many things that he doesn’t get to do, at least for now. One day I hope I will get to see him thrive, surrounded by mountains and oceans and trees as far as the eye can see.

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