Mama   { the Curator }

I have been a designer, worked full-time, worked part-time, and not at all.

I’ve been a young mother, a stay-at-home mother, a working mother, a single mother.

I have homeschooled my children, I have put them in school.

I have been married. I’ve been divorced. Single again. Married again.

I’ve been a daughter, a sister, a friend, a mother, and now a bonus-mother.

I have grieved the loss of my father to cancer; I have grieved the loss of my marriage to infidelity.

I have been miraculously healed from incurable disease, and seen others healed.

I have seen many dreams die, and many be resurrected to new life.

And in each and every one of these situations, I have seen that God is bigger than I ever knew Him to be. That He is faithful and creative; mind-blowing and paradigm-shattering. Equally huge in the seasons of loss as the seasons of fullness. Never without a plan. Full of grace and kindness and life and hope. And the greatest passion of my life is to collect and record these stories – His ways, who He is, and what He does. That we could remember, and others could see, what it really means that He is big, and He is good. All the time.

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